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Practice what you preach…Typio…a handy chrome app.

Practice what you preach…Typio…a handy chrome app.

OK so here is my first ever blog… a little earlier than I had planned, but in any case, I thought it was an important story to share which could help you save time.

So, when building this site, I opted not to use word or google sheets to write the content, usually standard practice for me. I always tell my clients to, just in case something goes wrong. But like a FOOL I went against my own preaching and thought ‘well the site has versioning built in, and if that goes wrong like all the sites you build Alex, you can always rely on the hourly backup and restore!’ WRONG!

Just when I had written my homepage, thought I had saved it and went to preview… hmm that’s odd I’m sure I updated that image? Wait a minute… oh no, yes you have guessed it, I forgot to click the update button, and sod’s law, my hourly backup had started within minutes after. So whilst I didn’t lose everything, I did lose 1 hours work and more importantly no backup. So, the moral of the story, always write your content in a word or notepad… or see if there is an app out there to assist.

Top Tip: As a web developer, I use chrome, it’s a great browser, for many reasons which I’ll discuss in a later blog post. But to keep on track, if you’re like me and sometimes write on the fly, and you don’t fancy losing even 5 minutes work; install chrome and in the chrome apps marketplace look for an app called Typio, an awesome app which records every entry. It’s true what they say, there really is an APP for everything. Pity there isn’t a ‘go back in time’ app!

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